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Post-Rhinoplasty Period

Rhinoplasty procedures are not like how they seem like. Many people think that plastic surgeries like rhinoplasty are completely simple ones and everyone can undergo them. However, it is one of the most troublesome plastic procedures ever, and not every person is considered eligible for it. Especially post-rhinoplasty period can be very annoying because the wounded nose requires too much attention and care.

A rhinoplasty procedure can be performed in several ways. Some issues with breathing can be fixed with rhinoplasty as well. Since the inner structure of a nose is too complicated, rhinoplasty procedures are performed with the highest care.

You need to take care of your wounded nose well, especially during your sleep. You should not expose your nose to water and sunlight for a long time. You should not also remove your bandages from your nose by yourself. Your surgeon will tell you when you should visit him for the bandage removal procedure.

There are a couple of things that you should strictly stay away from. Smoking and drinking alcohol are completely dangerous and badly affect your rhinoplasty procedures’ safety and success.

You should consume lots of water every day because water is what your body and wounded nose need the most. The more you consume water, the faster and better recovery period you will have. And that’s why you should avoid drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes and other things. Such bad habits increase dehydration in your body.

You would not want to make your body suffer from dehydration when it needs water the most. Especially smoking may increase the risk of infection over your wounded nose because of the toxins inside tobacco products. Besides, your capillary vessels will become quite sensitive to such smoke because of the rhinoplasty.

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