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Nausea After Rhinoplasty

Many people think that rhinoplasty is not so much complicated because it’s about their little noses after all. However, the nose is one of the most complicated organs in our body, and rhinoplasty procedures can sometimes be so much complicated as well. For example, some people even complain about nausea after rhinoplasty because the procedure may cause so unlikely complications in some cases.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most performed plastic surgeries in the world. Every person’s rhinoplasty surgery is individualized by their surgeons because every rhinoplasty case is mostly different from each other. When such differences are inevitable, possible complications like nausea can also be inevitable.

Many people’s immune systems do not react normally when they’re administered anesthetic drugs. Anesthesia may even cause trauma in some people. If you have serious heart conditions, you should stay away from medical procedures that require general or local anesthesia.

Nausea can be caused by intense anesthesia or medication administered on the nose’s structure during a rhinoplasty procedure. Some people’s bodies may not take this much and the immune system may work weird for some time. Nausea can be really annoying, especially during the early days of your recovery. However, it will leave you alone after some time for sure.

During the nausea days, you should consume healthy and fresh foods to lessen your nausea. You need to drink lots of water every day to refresh your body and speed up your recovery. Water is what your body needs the most during the recovery days.

If you’re allergic to some food, you don’t do it because you would not want to suffer from bad complications, especially during rhinoplasty recovery. Don’t go too hard on your body by doing hard works. Your nose is affected by the weights you pull or carry.

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