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Rhinoplasty Preparedness

Rhinoplasty or nose job is one of the most performed plastic procedures in the medical world. People can see rhinoplasty procedures as simple medical surgeries which are completely untrue. Thousands of rhinoplasty procedures are performed every year but this does not make it a simple procedure. Rhinoplasty is actually a complicated surgery and both patients and surgeons should be very careful before and after it. Especially rhinoplasty preparedness is very important because you would not want to suffer from terrible complications during your nose job.

If you have a serious condition on your nose, your surgeon may not accept your rhinoplasty offer. Rhinoplasty candidates are generally refused when they have serious nose conditions which may result in loss of smell sense after procedures.

A good rhinoplasty candidate should have good health and a strong heart. If you want no trouble during and after your rhinoplasty procedure, you should have a strong immune system as well. Especially anesthetic drug administration sequence is a tough one and can be so dangerous if you do not have a strong heart and a strong immune system.

However, rhinoplasty complications of today are not so severe if patients take care of their nose well after the procedures. It is true that many people suffered from loss of sensation for some time but this complication is not permanent. It may take for a long time for you to get rid of the loss of sensation but it will disappear sooner or later.

There are certain things that you should do for rhinoplasty readiness. Drink lots of water every day, stop drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes and all the other bad things. You should also get enough sleep every day.

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