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What Questions to Ask Before Rhinoplasty?

Although rhinoplasty can help you to look great and achieve the desired image, it is a complex and serious surgery. It is quite natural to have plenty of questions on your mind. Maybe, you might have already searched for answers on the internet but could not find satisfying answers.

In this sense, there is no one better than asking these questions to your surgeon or professionals. None of the information you can find on the internet can compete with the information you get from experts.

However, you can be quite excited during the examination, and you may forget to ask some of them. Thus, we recommend taking notes about the things you wonder about before visiting your surgeon. We have compiled some of the frequently asked questions to consider in the following.

Top Questions to Ask Before Rhinoplasty

Below, you can find some interesting yet important questions that you need to ask your surgeon. For example, the first question you need to ask is whether you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty or not. Additionally, you can ask which approach he or she recommends you for the surgery and why.

You also need to ask questions to know the clinic and surgeon. In this regard, you can ask how many procedures they perform each week and month. Which anesthesia they are going to prefer and why? Moreover, you can ask how long the surgery will take.

Another important question to ask is what is their policy on revisions. You need to prefer clinics and surgeons that offer comprehensive services.

You can ask our experts everything you want to know about rhinoplasty by filling out the form.

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