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Rhinoplasty Turkey 2022

Rhinoplasty is recommended for people who are physically fit and have no serious breathing problems. You should also be of legal age, which is generally between 16 and 18 years old. In Turkey, this surgery is available to all who have the legal capacity to make decisions. Turkey is the perfect place for those who would like to get Rhionplasty for afforable prices in 2022.

Eligibility and Preperation for Rhinoplasty

There are many people from around the world who want to undergo this procedure to improve the appearance of their noses. While the procedure is relatively straightforward procedure, it will still require you to undergo a thorough physical examination and have blood tests. These tests will help your surgeon understand the condition of your facial skin and nasal cartilage before your surgery. Also, you must stop smoking before your procedure, since nicotine reduces the oxygen in the blood, which is essential for the recovery process. Another important thing to avoid is taking aspirin before surgery, as it may thin your blood and increase bleeding.

How Good Is Turkey Good for Rhinoplasty?

The country boasts impressive medical facilities and an excellent reputation among international rhinoplasty surgeons. Its rhinoplasty surgeons are highly skilled and have undergone extensive training throughout Europe. Many of them have established a stellar reputation in their respective fields and enjoy international recognition through organizations such as EBOPRAS. The country has become one of the most preferred destinations for rhinoplasty, with over 1,000 surgeons

A rhinoplasty procedure in Turkey takes 90 to 180 minutes and can be performed under local or general anesthesia. A patient will be asleep during the procedure and will need to rest for a few hours afterward while the effects of the general anesthetic wear off. In addition, patients should wear a splint to protect the nose for the next seven to twelve hours.

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