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Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Guide

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is one of the most preferred rhinoplasty methods coming right after the traditional operation. This is a relatively new method that offers various advantages to the patients. Thus, we wanted to compile this guide for you so that you can learn more about the operation and its results.

Unlike what most people believe this is a surgical nasal reshaping technique. The surgeon will use ultrasonic saws and files to perform the operation and achieve the desired results by the patient. It does not damage the skin or soft tissues in the operation area, thus offering a quicker recovery.

What Are the Benefits of Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty?

If your surgeon needs to sculpt your nose, then ultrasonic rhinoplasty can be one of the best alternatives for you. It offers better precision during the sculpting phase. In addition to this, it does not damage any soft tissue or your skin. Thus, you will not have to worry about the common side effects of traditional rhinoplasty.

Additionally, this new method offers natural results and has a better success rate in obtaining stable results. Patients do not have to worry about asymmetries or irregularities. Due to all the above-mentioned reasons, it also offers faster recovery for the patients.

How Much Does Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Cost?

Just like all operations, ultrasonic rhinoplasty costs may also vary depending on various factors. Firstly, you need to learn whether you are eligible for this operation. Secondly, you need to prefer a reputable surgeon and clinic. Depending on your nose shape, your expectations, and your health condition, the price may vary.

However, if we need to provide an average cost, you can expect to pay something between $7,000 and $12,000. Considering that average traditional rhinoplasty costs about $5,000, ultrasonic rhinoplasty is a bit costly. However, it offers amazing benefits for patients both in recovery and results.

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