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Nose Job Procedures – All You Need To Know

The nose job treatment involves reshaping your nose to the desired form. It is the most often performed cosmetic surgery technique on the planet. A nose job, also called Rhinoplasty, can be carried out utilizing either reconstructive or aesthetic plastic surgery.

Reconstructive Nose Job

When the structure and shape of the nose are damaged and need to be repaired, reconstructive surgery is used. Reconstructive surgical methods can help with issues like poor breathing. Reconstructive surgery is typically utilized when a patient’s breathing is a concern. Nasal septum displacement is a frequent nose ailment that causes breathing difficulties.

Aesthetic Plastic Nose Job

Aesthetic surgery approaches are applied to people who want to have rhinoplasty because they do not like their nose shape. Patients’ personal plans are often customized by surgeons. The technique is basically the same, but customization is always required as the nose will be built from scratch.

Reconstructing a nose involves straightening the nose frame by separating the soft tissues and nasal skin from it. If this procedure is performed successfully, the patient will breathe through the nose without any problems.

What Are the Risks of Rhinoplasty?

Although the nose has a simple bone structure, it also has a complex soft tissue structure. Restructuring of soft tissue and bone structure must be perfect that ensure healthy breathing and smell.

Many capillaries in the nose keep the nose moist and produce warm air. Warm air may also be needed to identify some types of odors. The nose structure of people can be so sensitive that even a single touch can cause bleeding. This may require a rhinoplasty, but it can also damage the olfactory system of the nose. In some cases, doctors do not recommend such people to have rhinoplasty in order not to cause loss of smell.

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