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Nose Job Risks

Nose job or rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery that involves the reconstruction of the inner and outer structure of the nose. It is actually one of the most complicated plastic procedures, unlike the common thought. Rhinoplasty is actually one of the most performed plastic procedures in the world. It does not only involve the reconstruction of its outer structure, but it’s inner structure as well.

This means that some respiratory problems like difficulty breathing because of the nose can be fixed with rhinoplasty. Even if it’s a highly complicated and invasive plastic procedure, it is considered a safe procedure. However, since it’s still an invasive plastic surgery, there are absolutely some nose job risks as well.

There is a big complication that is associated with rhinoplasty procedures. Some patients’ rhinoplasty procedures can be rejected by surgeons because of the possible loss of smell sensation. The nose has a complicated structure and includes capillary vessels inside it. The surgeons should be very careful with them during rhinoplasty procedures.

The capillary vessels help you smell things. When they’re damaged, you may suffer from decreased loss of sensation. It can be either permanent or temporary but it does not worth the risk so the surgeons strictly against the idea of performing the procedures by taking this risk.

Intense bleeding, pain, and bruising can be seen after rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty patients should limit their movements in order to prevent such complications. Especially swelling is generally associated with the intense movement of the body during the early days of rhinoplasty recovery.

Rhinoplasty recovery is a hard period and you should be very patient and careful about your nose during this time. You should also quit bad habits like alcohol and smoking. You need to consume lots of water and avoid anything that may cause dehydration in your body.

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