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Post-Rhinoplasty Side Effects

Rhinoplasty or nose job is actually an art, not a medical procedure, say most surgeons. Most rhinoplasty surgeons share their finest operations with the public. They sometimes talk like sculptors because no matter how small a nose is, there is no limitation for the perfection of the nose jobs. Besides, it’s a complicated cosmetic surgery and sometimes post-rhinoplasty side effects can be inevitable.

People may claim that a cosmetic procedure like rhinoplasty is not that complicated because the nose is just a small organ in the body. However, the nose has one of the most complicated structures among the other organs. People should be so ready for a rhinoplasty procedure because they are possible risks that are associated with the smell and sensation ability of the nose.

Rhinoplasty surgeons carefully examine the candidates’ nose if they’re eligible for such procedures or not. Capillary vessels inside the nose should not take any damage during a rhinoplasty. The worst thing that could happen to a rhinoplasty candidate is the loss of smell sensation.

Surgeons warn if the candidates are not eligible for rhinoplasty and add that they may lose the smell sensation if they undergo it. Besides, all people must be eligible for anesthetic procedures. People with serious heart conditions may suffer from severe complications because of local and general anesthetic administration.

A wounded tissue in the body requires more consumption of water for better and faster healing. People should not smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol during their recovery. A rhinoplasty patient can’t afford possible dehydration during recovery.

Patients should be very gentle with their nose when they shower. They are not allowed to take a shower before the time that their surgeons suggested. Water, shampoo, and other chemical product exposure during early rhinoplasty recovery may result in severe complications like infection even if it’s rare.

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