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Disadvantages of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, or nose job is probably one of the most performed plastic surgeries in the world. Rhinoplasty makes its patients’ dreams come true because the 2020’s world is full of people who are influenced by celebrities in terms of physical appearance. People may want to have the exact nose of a celebrity and undergo a rhinoplasty procedure just because of such reason. There are many advantages of rhinoplasty, however, there are disadvantages of rhinoplasty procedures as well.

It is a fact that rhinoplasty can also treat breathing problems caused by the interrupted inner structure of the nose. It’s also considered a medical procedure, not just a plastic surgery that can mostly be performed in aesthetic clinics. So, aesthetic clinics can also treat breathing problems of people that are caused by irregular nose structure.

However, there are some complications and risks of rhinoplasty. For example, there can be several rhinoplasty cases in which people may have different types of deformed nose structures which cause breathing problems. Rhinoplasty surgeons examine their patients and tell them if they are eligible for this procedure or not.

The nose has many capillary vessels that keep the inside of the nose warm and clean and burn the oxygen inside that are vacuumed by it. Some people may have very fragile and sensitive capillary vessels. Capillary vessels help people sense smell, however, people who have fragile capillary vessels may be rejected by rhinoplasty surgeons.

If capillary vessels are damaged by rhinoplasty procedures, people may lose their sense of smell, surgeons warn. However, the risk if always candidates’ to take and surgeons may accept your rhinoplasty request.

Another bad thing about rhinoplasty is generally associated with aging. You can’t foresee how a rhinoplasty job will age. People may experience a deformed rhinoplasty job in the future which may require additional nose job.

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