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Ideal Age For Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty or nose job is a plastic surgery in which the nose is given the desired shape. Rhinoplasty is a highly invasive aesthetic procedure unlike the common misconception. Most rhinoplasty surgeons call themselves artists and would like proudly share their finest works with the public. However, there are certain requirements for rhinoplasty eligibility. The age of a candidate is the most important thing when it comes to getting the best rhinoplasty without any trouble. Rhinoplasty surgeons accept candidates whose noses have finished their development process. So we can say that the ideal age for rhinoplasty should be associated with the development of the nose.

Rhinoplasty procedures are not so easy as they are seen. Most people think that rhinoplasty procedures are a piece of cake. But this is completely untrue because you would not want to see the photos of rhinoplasty patients taken during their procedures. It’s a highly invasive one the risk of complications is very high if you do not take the best care of your nose after your rhinoplasty procedure. Some surgeons would not even want to accept some candidates just because they have some situations about their nose which do not allow a rhinoplasty procedure to be performed over the area.

What Could Happen If I’m Not Eligible

Most surgeons warn their patients about sensation situations. They say that they can perform their rhinoplasty procedure but they sometimes can not guarantee that they will not experience loss of small sensation or breathing. Some people have different bone structures inside their nose which do not allow the surgeons to perform a standard rhinoplasty procedure.

You are also expected to tell your doctor the truth about your health conditions. Rhinoplasty surgeons ask for your health history but you know your health better than anyone anyway. So, if you can’t take the risk of losing your smell sensation, you should tell about every health issue you’ve got to your doctor.

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