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Headache After Rhinoplasty

Unlike the common thought among most people, rhinoplasty procedures are not as easy as they seem. The nose has one of the most complicated inner tissue and bone structures ever. Since its complexity, rhinoplasty procedures are sometimes considered works of art. Surgeons share their finest works with people as a result of their talents and satisfaction with their previous visitors. However, just like in every cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty also has a risk of complications. Especially headache after rhinoplasty is very famous during recovery.

Rhinoplasty procedures were the most popular cosmetic surgery once. Lots of people are not okay with the size, shape, or location of their noses and this is where a rhinoplasty procedure is taken into consideration. Since it’s an invasive cosmetic surgery, there is a risk of complications sometimes. Especially surgeons may reject some of their candidates because they think that they’re not eligible for some reasons. Some candidates are told that they might lose their sense of smell if they undergo a rhinoplasty procedure. There are too many capillary vessels inside your nose and a possible rhinoplasty procedure may damage these vessels and cause permanent damage inside your nose’s structure.

Why I Got Headache After Rhinoplasty

There is a chance that you were not the best candidate for rhinoplasty or you may have some health conditions that interfere with your rhinoplasty procedure. Besides, you should also take it into consideration that the most common rhinoplasty complication is a headache. Your nose is so connected to your nerve system in many ways. Your surgical experiences on your nose may bring some headaches in return.

These headaches mostly do not present any danger to your health. Your doctor will tell you that if your pain is bearable, you will be just fine. However, if the headache becomes more severe, you should see your doctor for prescription painkillers. Do not take any kind of medicine without your doctor’s knowledge because there are thousands of headache types and you can’t be so sure which painkiller is the right one for your situation.

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