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Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery Turkey

Rhinoplasty surgery can be one of the most performed procedures in the world but it’s also one of the hardest ones. The nose does not have a simple structure as it seems, so any failure may result in terrible consequences like the loss of smell sense. There are several types of Rhinoplasty procedures including the Ethnic Rhinoplasty. Our post includes the overall characteristics of Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery performed in the industry’s leading countries like Turkey.

What is Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

There are different kinds of people living in the world. With a single look, you may be able to figure what the person is really from or what’s her/his ethnic roots. When you see little people with slanted eyes, you may conclude that they are Asian people, more typically Chinese.

The same thing goes for Rhinoplasty as well. People’s ethnic characteristics can be figured by looking at the shape of their noses. Black people have bigger, and more round noses than the others. Asian noses are generally little but look a bit bigger because these people really have little heads…

When people want to get a rhinoplasty, most of them also want to preserve their ethnic looking provided by their nose. For example, a black person would like to get his/her smaller but he may also want to keep its round shape. If a surgeon builds a nose for a black guy which is similar to Eminem’s, it would probably look weird and this situation makes ethnic rhinoplasty important.

How is it Done?

Ethnic rhinoplasty surgery is not any different than a standard rhinoplasty procedure. It’s just a term and just like in other typical rhinoplasty procedures, your nose is examined and your surgeon builds a map for your future nose. Your nose is built from the start according to your demand, which is preserving your ethnicity.

Most Turkish Clinics have offices in big cities in Europe. If you want to get a rhinoplasty procedure, it’s for your best to see them first hand. If not, almost all of these clinics have also their own websites which you can find surfing on the net. When you visit these websites, you can also take a closer look at the before-after photos of the previous patients.

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