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Thick Skin Rhinoplasty Turkey

There may be several reasons for a person to consider a rhinoplasty procedure. Rhinoplasty is the term used to describe the procedure that involves giving the best shape to the person’s nose. There are several types of the nose that need a surgical procedure. A nose can be thick, long, or structurally in a bad shape for some reason. Genetics is the main factor for a bad-shaped nose. Certain surgical procedures are performed for specific situations. For example, a thick skin rhinoplasty can be done for noses with an unusual width and big in size. Such procedures are massively performed in countries like Turkey where is the 3. most preferred country for aesthetic procedures. Besides, thick skin rhinoplasty is one of the most performed aesthetic procedures in Turkey.

How is Rhinoplasty Done?

Local anesthesia is a must when it comes to aesthetic surgery. The patient is administered with local anesthesia. During the anesthetic state, the patient is sedated with medication injected to the nose in order to provide numbness. After all of these, the patient is not fully asleep bu unconscious

General anesthesia is administered after the person’s been through the local anesthetic procedure. The patient inhales the anesthetic drug by inhaling it from a small tube or cannula.

The bridge between the holes of the nose, the nasal septum’s size is readjusted according to the determined level by the surgeon. The bone structure and cartilage underneath the skin are readjusted by the surgeon. This adjustment involves removing or adding a certain level of bones or cartilage. After all the adjustments and incisions are done, the nose skin and the tissue is placed back and all the incision are sutured by the surgeon.

The patient may feel like the sensation over his/her nose is reduced during the first week of the recovery. Swellings are almost inevitable and also normal because they are considered the reaction of the patient’s body to the overall procedure.

People are almost guaranteed to return to work within a day. If the patient should face severe complications, the doctor’s consultation may be required for prescription drugs.

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