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Smoking and Alcohol After Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is the main term used to define the aesthetic procedure that involves the reconstruction of the nose to give it a better shape. There may be several reasons for a rhinoplasty procedure. The main reason is to get a better shape. However, some people may want to receive such procedures just because they want a specific shape for their nose. There are several things to be done after a rhinoplasty. Smoking and alcohol after rhinoplasty are one of the most discussed issues about this procedure.

Rhinoplasty may include several incisions or breaking jobs depending on personal demand. Breathing problems can also be treated with a good rhinoplasty job. Despite the nose is one of the smallest components of the body, the rhinoplasty is considered one of the most complicated and invasive aesthetic procedures in the world.

Since it’s highly invasive and complicated, there may be several complications after a rhinoplasty procedure. In order to prevent yourself from experiencing severe complications caused by rhinoplasty surgery, there are certain things you should do and not do during your recovery time. Alcohol and smoking are some of the most important elements that people into consideration after rhinoplasty surgery.

Why Smoking and Alcohol Dangerous After Rhinoplasty

I don’t say it’s necessary to mention the harmful effects of smoking on your body. Smoking is dangerous to even the healthiest person in the world. And it’s even more dangerous when it comes to a rhinoplasty procedure. Your nose has wounds and needs a good recovery. Poisoning your recovering nose like that may result in a rhinoplasty fail. Plus you may have to face terrible infections or swellings caused by the hazardous smoke that you inhale.

Alcohol is not as dangerous as smoking. However, you have a recovering component in your body. Your body needs water more than anything during your recovery. Alcohol is famous for increasing dehydration in your body. Dehydration is the last thing you would like to see during your recovery. You should quit drinking alcohol and consume lots of water every day.

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