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Rhinoplasty Surgery Turkey

Rhinoplasty procedure involves giving the desired shape to the patient’s nose. It is considered the most performed plastic surgery procedure in the world. Rhinoplasty procedures can be performed by using two types of plastic surgery; reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

Reconstructive surgery is used when the structure and shape of the nose are damaged and need to be repaired. Problems like low breathing which are generally transferred via heredity can be treated with using reconstructive surgery procedures. Reconstructive surgery is mainly used when the patient is troubled with breathing problems. Nasal septum displacement is a common disorder of the nose causing breathing problems. This disorder is also treated by reconstructive surgery procedures

When people feel like they don’t like the shape of their noses and want to get a rhinoplasty procedure, they will be treated by using cosmetic surgery methods. Surgeons generally customize personal plans for their patients. The overall procedure generally follows the same steps but this customization is always needed because the nose is going to be built from the start.

Reconstruction of a nose involves correcting the nasal framework by separating the soft tissues and nasal skin from it. If this procedure is successfully performed, the patient will breathe with the nose without troubling.

What Are the Risks of Rhinoplasty?

The nose has a simple bone structure but it also has a complicated soft tissue structure. Reconstructing the soft tissue and the bone structure must be perfect in order to provide good breathing and smelling.

The nose has lots of capillary vessels that keep the nose moist make it produce hot air. Hot air may also be needed for the identification of some types of smell. People’s nose structure may be so sensitive that a single touch may cause them to bleed. This may require a rhinoplasty surgery but it may also damage the smelling system of the nose. In some cases, doctors don’t suggest such people to get rhinoplasty procedures not to cause smelling loss.

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