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Rhinoplasty Side Effects

The decision is always yours to make when it comes to plastic surgery, especially a rhinoplasty procedure. The doctors mostly tell you the pros of their operations, they don’t intend to mention the risks of them. Just like in any other aesthetic procedure, rhinoplasty side effects are almost inevitable. Since every individual has a different metabolism and immune system, their body may react differently to such aesthetic procedures.

You need to understand the types of rhinoplasty side effects because there are some you can deal with during recovery, and there some you can’t. Before you’re performed a rhinoplasty surgery, you should get your overall health condition scanned. Your plastic surgeon will definitely ask about your medical history which is needed for a better surgery plan.

What Should You Not Do Before Rhinoplasty?

It’s always best to consume lots of water not only for a rhinoplasty procedure but also during your everyday life. You should avoid taking certain drugs, especially aspirin before and after rhinoplasty. Smoking and alcohol are your enemies and should be avoided as well. Especially alcohol increases dehydration in your body which you don’t need after surgery.

Rhinoplasty Risks

There are several side effects of rhinoplasty. But the most important thing that you must consider is possible revisional surgery. You should be very careful when it comes to considering a rhinoplasty procedure because there are some scenarios that may lead to additional surgery.

Some patients experience a small hole in their nasal septums. This is rare but needs additional surgery. But in some cases, this is considered irreversible, even with a repair surgery.

There is a common side effect that can be seen in almost every plastic surgery, decrease in skin sensation. This is normal to some point but if you experience lots of numbness or pain along with the decrease in skin sensation, doctor’s consultancy may be needed.

Infection, swellings, scarring, itching, bruising, pain are considered the other main side effects of rhinoplasty.

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