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Rhinoplasty for Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin disease in which the skin turns into reddish colour, especially the facial components like nose gets hit by Rosacea so often. The worst thing about this kind of disease is that the nose bulbous situation. The nose gets bigger and the blood vessels become visible. Bulbous nose caused by rosacea can be fixed by plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty for rosacea is probably the best one in such situations.

A standard rhinoplasty procedure involves the reconstruction of the nose without damaging its functional structure. A nose got effected by rosacea can be fixed, however, the results may not be so natural in some cases. Rosacea affects blood vessels on face, performing rhinoplasty on the nose may harm some capillary vessels that’s why some surgeons may hesitate to perform such procedures on Rosacea patients.

There is no way to treat a bulbous nose except for plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty is considered the only way to get rid of the bulbous noses. However, you need to be first eligible for it. If you want to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure, your nose structure should be eligible for such a procedure because it has happened in the past that people with chronic problems on their noses suffered from terrible surgery side effects including the loss of smell sensation.

That’s why rhinoplasty patients are asked for their medical records. Your rhinoplasty surgeon will and should not perform your procedure if he/she does not know anything about your medical history. A medical report is kept in the Ministry of Health’s data servers You should not lie about your medical condition because you may suffer from severe complications just because you lied about it.

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