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Nose Jobs Turkey

Nose Job or Rhinoplasty is the procedure of changing the shape of the nose. There may be several reasons for a Rhinoplasty procedure. Most of these reasons are appearance-based. There are so many people who don’t like the shape of their noses much. Some want to make them look like some celebrity’s nose, some want it to look taller, smaller, etc…

The main reason why most people want to get a rhinoplasty procedure is appearance. Rhinoplasty is one of the safest and cheapest procedures in the world and combining with such high demands, it has become the most performed plastic surgery procedure in the world.

How is Nose Job Done?

Nose Job is not an easy procedure as it seems. Sometimes it’s even called a harder procedure than liposuction surgeries. This actually depends on the rhinoplasty type that the patient would like to get. In some surgeries, the whole bone structure of the nose is broken and built again depending on the shape that the patient desires.

Local Anesthesia with sedation is inevitable before you get started. After you’re administered local anesthesia, you’re given the anesthetic drugs by inhaling or through one of your veins in hand or neck to put you into the general anesthesia state.

The surgeon reconstructs your bone structure and cartilage during the procedure. If the septum of your nose ( the wall between the two sides of the nose ) is crooked, your surgeon reshapes it to improve your breathing via the nose. Every piece of work done during the rhinoplasty is determined considering the status of the patient’s nose.

When it comes to the individual’s health, the doctor decides the in-surgery procedures. When the surgery is completed, the nose’s skin and tissue are planted back to the recipient area and all the incisions in the nose are stitched by your surgeon.

Nose Job Procedures are generally cheap and safe in almost every country. But Turkey is a bit more famous for its aesthetic surgery potential. The packages involving the surgery, accommodation, and airport transportation expenses seem very attractive to tourists. You can enjoy the best surgeons and the best prices in Turkey’s capital, Istanbul.

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