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Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty

Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty or liquid nose job is the procedure that involves none or little incisions. The traditional rhinoplasty involves the breaking of the nose with incision but a liquid nose job does not include such procedures.

Invasive nose-shaping procedures have placed as the third between the most performed plastic surgery procedures. The overall rate of these invasive methods has declined in recent years. The reason for this is the nonsurgical rhinoplasty ( liquid nose job ) trend that has been rising among the candidates.

How is Liquid Nose Job Done

The main important thing about a liquid nose job is the fillers. They are injected into the nose to give the desired shape to the overall internal and external structure of it.

The whole procedure is completely painless and there is no recovery needed. After one hour, the patient can walk out of the operation room and go to his / her work.

A liquid nose job is like a wig to the head. This aesthetic procedure is not a temporary solution for those who suffer from a badly shaped nose. The filler injected nose is expected to deform within 6 to 12 months.

Since it does not give permanent results, it can be more expensive than a standard invasive rhinoplasty procedure if you get repair liquid nose job procedures every year.

A liquid nose job does not make the nose look smaller. It makes the nose even become larger because of the fillers injected. The main purpose of this procedure is to give the best volume to the nose. However, even if it makes the nose larger, the volume and adjusted shape of the new nose will cover this size and eliminate the old bad-shaped look.

We can conclude from this information that the best liquid nose job candidates are those who have little noses. If you have a little nose with a bad shape and you are not allergic to any elements used during this procedure, then you are good to go.

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