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Do’s and Don’ts after Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty can be a tough procedure if you do not take the best care of your nose during the post-surgery period. The nose is not the least complicated component of your body as it seems. The inner structure of the nose is too complicated and rhinoplasty procedures can be really challenging in some cases. However, the number of those who’re not considered eligible for rhinoplasty is not so high, anyway. There are do’s and don’ts after rhinoplasty which you should know for the sake of the post-surgery period.

After a rhinoplasty procedure, your nose will be so vulnerable to germs and microorganisms that can’t be seen with naked eyes. That’s why you need to take your hands, fingers, and nails off your nose during the recovery. Especially the early days of recovery are so important because your wounded nose tissue is still wounded and your scabs are not completely formed.

The best thing you can do after rhinoplasty is to quit your bad habits. These bad habits can be smoking and alcohol, and your irregular eating, and drinking habits. All of these should be fixed if you do not want any trouble during the recovery. Especially water consumption is the most important one because your body needs water the most.

Bad habits like smoking and alcohol are known for causing dehydration on the body. You would not want to suffer from dehydration during the recovery. Water is perfect for faster and better healing.

Once little scabs start falling from your wounded nose tissue, this means that the critical period is over. You should still be careful about your nose but you do not have to use tight bandages over it.

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